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Mysore Ammonia is the Only Indian Company sourcing Ammonia from the abroad other than India. Mysore Ammonia is highly reputed in the industry for the supplier of industrial ammonia and more in India.
Mysore Ammonia has extensive expertise in regulatory matters pertaining to Anhydrous Ammonia and Ammonia Solution.
Mysore Ammonia Industrial Ammonia assists customers in Installation & Commissioning of their Storage tanks, equipment arrangement, Safety Training and in preparation of necessary regulatory documents as well as guide them in their compliance.


Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer

Ammonia in Water, commonly known as Aqua Ammonia renders it safe to handle and helps avoid the hazards that accompany the use of Ammonia Gas by greatly reducing its vapor pressure. Also known as Ammoniacal Liquor, it is an inorganic chemical used as a liquid chemical in various industries like Rubber, Pharmaceuticals among others. Sometimes called Ammonium Hydroxide, the chemical formula is NH4OH with UN No. 2672 and CAS registry is 1336-21-6. Commonly manufactured with a concentration of about 25% w/w, Ammonia Solution is supplied in varying Packaging capacities ranging from 5 Lt. To 235 Lt. HMHDPE Plastic containers, 6 MT to 15 MT Tankers and 22 MT ISO Tankers. Anhydrous Ammonia is a liquid when compressed and liquefied under high pressure and low temperature. Liquid Ammonia vaporizes as soon as it gains adequate temperature and/or exposure to the atmosphere. It has a strong and pungent odor; so much so that, even at a miniscule level of exposure its presence can be detected even though it is a colorless gas by its characteristic smell. This property of Ammonia is its biggest safety feature. The chemical formula of Ammonia is NH 3 with UN No. 1005 and CAS registry 7664-41-7. Ammonia is a versatile chemical and therefore has a wide range of applications across Industries.